How to Make Vacation Homes Rental Ready

Vacation Rental Success

Booking travel online generated 533 billion U.S. dollars in the year of 2015 and is expected to grow to 762 billion by the year 2019. An even more important number is the number of travel bookings made on the internet each year, coming in at 148.3 million! Of those, 65.4% are booked through a brand website. By choosing to list your vacation rentals with a property management company, some of that revenue could be yours! We are going to go through the pros and cons of vacation rentals vs. hotels and how you can make your vacation rentals stack up!

Preparing your Vacation Home in St Thomas for Rental

Deciding to rent a vacation home can be a tough decision because it usually means less time for personal use. Not only that, but it also puts you in a position that your home could be damaged by disrespectful renters. Renting your vacation home does not have to be a negative experience. You can choose to do the preparing yourself or choose a property management company to oversee the process. Either way, you will probably need to do some serious cleaning, maybe even some upgrades before renting it out. Let someone like Coral Ridge Realty help you decide what the best way to showcase your property is! Not only can a property management company help you get your home ready but can be there in case of emergency. For places like St. Thomas and St. John, you may not be nearby, and if there are issues with your rental property you will want someone you can trust!

Pleasing Vacation Goers

When booking a vacation rental, people are looking for a nice peaceful getaway. Often, more so than those booking a trip in a hotel, they are looking for an authentic local experience. By choosing to book a vacation rental, they are putting themselves at the heart of the town among the local citizens. They have access to the many beautiful places the destination can offer. It is all provided without the touristy gimmicks of hotel clerks selling adventure packages and the likes.

As the owner of a vacation rental, it’s your duty to make your rental appealing! Coral Ridge Realty can help you by ensuring your property maintenance is up to par. Our team is here to make sure your property looks its best year-round! If you do not live in St. Thomas or St. John but would like to rent your property, we can also help with property management. We want to help you make your vacation home a successful rental property.

Travel Trends of 20172017 Travel Trends for Vacations

There are a few travel trends that have recently arisen lately. By implementing some changes to your vacation rental, you get the upper edge on other rentals.

Value Vacations

First, there is value. People are looking to find a quality vacation at a value price. No one wants to pay $1,000 a night for a one bedroom one bath condo. It is just not affordable to the everyday consumer. Consider your potential renters when determining rental prices.

Personalized Feel to Vacation Rentals

The next trend is making sure you give your home a few personal touches. Adding personal touches to your vacation rental helps make it stand out from the rest. Adding in basic electronics, TVs, or even some of your old favorite DVDs can make the renter feel at home. This is just one idea. It is also easy to include free tickets to a local event or something more luxurious for higher-end vacation rentals. These gestures can make a difference when a renter is considering your property, especially in foreign places. When people are looking for vacation rentals in St. Thomas or St. John, they want to know that the place can be trusted.

Green Living Vacations

Lastly, is the subject surrounding sustainability and “green living.” Have you made any renovations to your home recently that have made it more “green?” The number of consumers who are acutely aware of green-living is only growing. The sooner you join the trend, the better.

Wellness Travel

Feeling shame for vacationing is a thing of the past. People are embracing travel as a means to relax and rewind from the fast-paced business world. What better way to spend a wellness vacation than in a private vacation rental in St. Thomas! Appeal to these consumers Appeal to these customers by emphasizing the rejuvenating and recharging atmosphere St. Thomas and St. John has to offer.

Those are just a few of the travel trends of 2017, for a more in-depth look check out this infographic we created to the right.
It highlights our favorite travel trends that may convince you that now is the time to rent your vacation home! Get started on the process today with Coral Ridge Realty’s full-service property management services for vacation rentals in St. Thomas and St. John!