We work with a range of clients, from those interested in investment properties to a family looking for their next home.

Our residential, commercial and investment real estate professionals at Coral Ridge Realty have expertise and experience in the local market.  We work alongside our client’s accountants, legal counsel and other professionals in order to achieve each of our client’s goals.  Whether you are looking for investment property or a home or condominium to live in, contact us for all your Real Estate needs. Let our Realtors help you find homes for sale or land for sale in St. Thomas that fit your needs and budget.

Coral Ridge is here to be your representation whether you are buyers, sellers, tenants or landlords.

What are my options for selling my home?

When selling your home, you will always want to consider all options. We want to give you the most information to enable you to make a wise decision for your situation.  For that reason, we have broken down all your options when selling a home.

Your first option is to sell the home yourself. Many homeowners think that selling the home, “By Owner” will result in more financial benefit than using a real estate agent. This may not be the case. From marketing the home, determining the right price, and all of the hours you may put into the sale; you may actually end up spending more! Its also important to keep in mind that selling a home is not easy! Marketing a home takes work, work that real estate agents do every day. Realtors have access to people that may never search on the internet on the basic sites such as Realtor.com and the like for their next home.

Your other option is to hire a realtor/broker such as Coral Ridge Realty. A certified real estate agent or broker knows the legal limitations involved in selling a home. Not only that but as we mentioned, our team is well versed in the day-to-day marketing involved in selling a home. In this day and age, simply putting your listing on the internet is not enough! On top of the legal and marketing benefits, real estate agents can also help you in the pricing of your home. With the immense knowledge of the market, you are sure to get an accurate and beneficial selling price for your home with the help of a real estate agent or broker. Now, you might be thinking, what will my real estate agent receive in return for selling my home? We have you covered.

What is the fee for a real estate agent?

The fee for real estate agents often ranges from 5-7% of the home’s selling price. However, if you are using the same real estate agent as both your selling and buying representative, the agent will often give a lowered percentage. Either way, the real estate agent is there to help you secure the highest selling price for your beloved home or property. At Coral Ridge Realty, we are committed to our homeowners and want to make sure you are happy! Next, you will need to know how to choose the right real estate agent or broker!

Choosing a Real Estate Broker for Properties in St Thomas and St John

Choosing to put your home on the market is not always an easy decision. However, here at Coral Ridge Realty, we want to help you make the decision as pain-free as possible. Below, you will see reasons for choosing Coral Ridge Realty as your real estate broker for properties in St. Thomas and St. John!

  • Our team has expertise and experience in the local market as a direct result of our personal experiences living on the islands!
  • We work alongside the other professionals representing our client’s such as accountants, legal counsel and others in order to achieve each of our client’s goals.
  • Our experience is well-versed among selling and buying homes for residential as well as commercial property
  • We are licensed professionals in real estate for St Thomas and St John