Rental Property Basics

Planning the perfect vacation is centered around the location of your vacation home or rental. Finding the perfect space for your family to enjoy is essential to your vacation experience. From exciting views to access of everyday living essentials, such as full kitchens, vacation rentals can offer a unique experience unlike any other. At Coral Ridge we have put together some tips about the rental process and ensure your vacation goes as smooth as possible!

Inquire about Maintenance

Whenever you are renting a property, you want to make sure that there will be a reliable maintenance personnel to assist you in the event of something breaking or not working. Without a property manager, or a maintenance department you can be left to deal with emergency problems on your own. At Coral Ridge Realty, we have a a highly trained staff of skilled in-house maintenance technicians on our property maintenance division that oversee regular maintenance, as well as emergency issues.

Ask About the Neighborhood

One of the most important questions to ask when finding the perfect rental property is to ask about the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a quiet get-away you’ll want to ensure that you are out of the “party zones” and you can relax without noisy neighbors. This can also be helpful when finding out the distance to local hotspots as well as grocery stores and nearby towns. Distance to these places can also help determine your need for a rental car during your vacation. Inquiring about parking should also be an important question. Most condos and resort areas have limited parking. If parking is an issue you may want to consider carpooling to avoid any parking fees.

Check the Property

Upon arrival, you should conduct a thorough property check for current and previous issues. You should report any issues on the property to the property manager or the rental agency as soon as possible in order to ensure your security deposit is protected. This walk-through should include anything that will receive frequent use. Including, but not limited to, showers, television, toilets, appliances, and air conditioning. Making sure all of these things are reliable will allow you to have a stress-free vacation.

Property Amenities

Rental properties have many amenities that can add to your rental experience. Before arriving you should ask the owner or property manager if there is anything on the property you can not use. This will help you establish any boundaries for your stay. Many properties have fully stocked kitchens, so getting the go on using these amenities will eliminate any uncertainty in your vacation. You may want to inquire about the strength of the wi-fi if you plan to be doing any work or have a strong need for a connection while on vacation.


Rental properties can provide you with a unique experience without the crowded beaches of a resort. At Coral Ridge, we have multiple condos and vacation rentals in the St. Thomas and St. John areas. These gorgeous properties offer beautiful views and tremendous comfort. Contact us today to secure a rental property for your next vacation!