St. Thomas Vacation Rentals: What Do I Need?

There are hundreds of thousands of destinations in the world to travel to for vacation. When you are looking for places to travel, there are a lot of things that come into play such as passports, cost, location, etc. For that reason, we decided to give you a run down of everything you might need and want to know about the island. After reading this blog, you will know the ins and outs of traveling to St. Thomas. We may be a little bit biased but in our opinion, you cannot find anywhere as beautiful and as peaceful as St Thomas, Virgin Islands. We have a number of different available vacation rentals St. Thomas, USVI.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Fun Facts

Where is St Thomas Located? What is the population of St. Thomas? What is the island made up of? How do I get around the Island? And More!

The three islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands are St Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. The island of St. Thomas is located East of Puerto Rico and West of the British Virgin Islands. St. Thomas was purchased by the United States in 1917 and the Where is St Thomas Located - vacation rentals st thomasresidents of the population were granted U.S. citizenship in 1927. The island of St. Thomas is only 32 square miles and has a population of 51,634. On the island, there are 7 sub-districts: Charlotte Amalie (the largest of the seven), East End, Northside, Southside, Tutu, Water Island, and West End. You can travel around the island, visiting the different sub-districts, using the taxis that are available! Some are even open-air so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather.

The climate is warm and sunny year-round, which is fitting for the beautiful beaches in St. Thomas that line the perimeter of the island. There are many different options for vacation rentals in St. Thomas that are located on the east side of the island to the west and everywhere in between.

Do I Need a Passport for St. Thomas?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport. However, a passport is recommended for airline travel. You may be required to show additional proof of citizenship when leaving the islands if you choose not to use a passport. These things could include a birth certificate or government-issued photo ID. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will be required to have a passport from the country in which you are a citizen.

What is the currency in St. Thomas?

Since the island is a territory of the United States, the currency used is the U.S. dollar. There are ATMs that can be located on St. Thomas as well as the other two islands. For the most part, credit cards are accepted at the different establishments on the island.

What is the Time Zone in the USVI?

The U.S. Virgin Islands are in Atlantic Standard Time and so during the spring and summer are on the same time as the U.S. East Coast. However, when the clocks fall back in the U.S., USVI stays an hour ahead.


Vacation Rentals St. Thomas

Now that we have gone over the basics of the islands, let’s get into the more exciting part the USVI has to offer: VACATIONS! Coral Ridge has a number of different vacation rentals St. Thomas that are available year round. Our rentals are located in popular spots around the island. All of our villas are privately owned and we offer free WiFi, parking, and no resort fees when villas are booked through our website. We have quaint one-bedroom condos for you and your loved one to sneak away to or places a little larger for the family. Below, we have highlighted a few of the properties we have available for rent and what they offer! Our properties offer weekly or monthly vacation rentals!

1 Bedrooms:

2 Bedrooms:

Things to Do in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Now you know all about St. Thomas and where you can stay, let’s get into what there is to do on the island. Visiting a Carribean island is nothing short of exciting! Whether you are looking for something relaxing or looking for adventures, St. Thomas will not disappoint. The list of activities is long and you will certainly not run out of things to do. There is something for everyone, whether you want to check out some of the historic areas of the island or literally dive-in to more hands-on activities. Some people make it a point to visit each of the beaches on the island.

Beaches in St. Thomas

Courtesy of, we have given short explanations of the different beaches in St. Thomas. To find out more about the beaches on the other islands, visit Each of these beaches is easy to travel to from our vacation rentals St. Thomas. beaches in st thomas

Historical Attractions in St Thomas

Below, we have listed a few of the historical attractions that may interest you while staying in vacation rentals St. Thomas.

Activities in St Thomas

The available activities in St. Thomas are endless! If you are looking for water activities, there are multiple beaches that you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, boating. For people looking to stick to land activities, there are a number of activities. St. Thomas is home to beautiful parks that offer daily tours and shows. If you want to see the island from above, you might find a helicopter ride an interesting experience! For adrenaline junkies, check out the options to skydive in St. Thomas. As you can tell, there is an expansive list of activities and things to do in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Visit our rental page today to find a vacation rental St. Thomas that fits your family’s needs! Or contact us and let us help you.