The Boat Trips We Love

The US Virgin Islands are the perfect getaway for anyone looking for an island vacation. Whether you want to relax by the beach with a book, eat local, explore the beautiful landscape, or enjoy boating on the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the US Virgin Islands have everything you’re looking for on your next vacation!

There are many great options for enjoying the water, recently the team at Coral Ridge has tried a few options to help you choose on your next Caribbean Getaway!

The team has taken sea kayaks out around Water Bay and seen eagle rays, tarpon, stingrays an abundance of small fish, a shark and of course turtles! The birds are pretty amazing too! The magnificent frigatebird (that’s actually their name-magnificent!) soaring high, brown pelicans smashing into the water-fishing, and grey kingbirds chirping what seems happily as they fly. Let’s not forget the coral and seagrass as you peer into the clear Caribbean water! If you want to paddle this is a great option. There are eco-tours available, night tours available, lots of great options if you’re a paddler, or just want to be one for a day!

Our second team excursion was on a full day on a sailing catamaran.  What a treat! The team had forgotten what it was like to just enjoy a nice quiet sail, along with snorkeling stops, and to just enjoy the day.  A beautiful day with a leisurely sail to Christmas Cove, over to Maho Beach in St. John, where we had lunch and spent a great afternoon just enjoying where we were.  We left St John in the afternoon and had a wonderfully relaxing sail back to St.Thomas.  Catamarans being wide and spacious, are great communal vessels that encourage conversation and can accomodate all ages easier.

Last, but not least on our team adventures, was sailing on a monohull out of Sapphire Marina.  This was another wonderful day of sail, snorkel and sun!  A monohull is a little more tipsy than a cat, and gives you a wonderful sail with just the wind and water whistling by.  We went again to St. John and snorkeled away the time on our half day charter, seeing all the fish we could ever want to, plus a few turtles! As you tell, our team loves turtles.  After a nice sail back to port we called it another successful day on the water. There are lots of sailing adventures to choose from. From small to large, from mono hull to cat, to tri-hull.  Morning adventures, afternoon adventures and even romantic sunrise sails await you on the Caribbean Sea surrounding the beautiful Virgin Islands.

Vacation rentals can give you all the amenities of home, no cramped hotel rooms and all without the expense of owning a home in the Virgin Islands. If you’re ready to book your vacation rental on St. Thomas or have any questions, contact Coral Ridge Realty today!