The Thatch Cay adventure!


Thatch Cay is a large island between Jost Van Dyke and Coki Point, we see it prominently from our home.  Thatch is uninhabited, about ½ mile long, and about 230 acres with the Atlantic on one side, the Caribbean on the other. The written history tells us that there was a plantation there in 1804 called “The Hope” with 16 people, 2 were slaves.  In the early 1900’s there was a fishing village consisting of 6 houses and a copper mine, the ruins of the houses are still visible.

In 2000 a group tried to develop the island.  With the economy crashing in 2008, it never got off the ground.  It’s for sale now for just under $20m…Coral Ridge will be more than happy to help you!

It’s such a gem of the Virgin Islands we decided we needed to go see it for ourselves.  So, the other week we went over in a friend’s dinghy and explored a little of Thatch Cay!

As we got closer we heard the bleating of goats. We landed near the east end at Eva Bay. The first thing you notice upon landing is all the washed up coral, if you look a little harder you’ll see two distinct lines of coral, I think that shows the 2 different hurricane events. We didn’t have the right shoes, that was for sure, you’d really want boots if you could.  We walked to Eva Point the site of the ruins of the old fishing village adjacent to a salt pond. The salt pond looked very dry in places and was much larger than we expected.

The shells and coral were spectacular, and my wife found some “Chaney.” Chaney is old ceramic pieces lost to the ocean over the years, with worn rounded edges from tumbling through the sea. Children used it as play money, hence the name: China+Money=Chaney.  It is made into beautiful local jewelry that you’ll find all over the islands. It is mostly associated with St. Croix but that doesn’t stop the thrill of discovery!

What we were really hoping to do was catch lobster.  We looked high and low, and didn’t see one, we’re pretty sure we were on the wrong side of the island!

That didn’t stop us from having a great time exploring the island that lies as our silent neighbor, (except for the goats) watching over Pillsbury Sound!  We’ll be back Thatch, we’ll be back!