Water Activities in St. Thomas

St. Thomas

At 32 square miles, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands is a small island filled with numerous water activities for residents and vacationers alike. With water around 82 degrees in the summer, jumping in is refreshing.

Water activities in St. Thomas will keep you occupied during the day.  There are tons of different things to do in the water.  Snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, kitesurfing, flyboarding, and riding jet skis down the beach or to a private island are some of the fun water activities St. Thomas offers.


This island in the Caribbean is known for its amazing snorkeling spots.  Go to Coki Beach, Ritz Beach, Christmas Cove, and Francis Bay to swim with the fish on an awesome excursion.

Coki Beach is one of the favorite snorkeling spots of many. The water is calm and clear at Coki Beach and the ocean floor is very sandy. This is the ideal spot for beginners just learning to snorkel as the reef starts at 15 ft.

Snorkeling options are endless.

Animal Encounters at Coral World lets you swim with sea turtles, sharks, or sea lions.

Aqua Action Dive Center has over 40 dive sites you can take a boat ride out to on the Ocean Express, a 30’ dive boat and go scuba diving in. They will take you to Secret Harbour for snorkeling. Secret Harbour was ranked by Frommer’s Travel Guide as the #1 spot to snorkel on St. Thomas. Aqua Action has snorkel equipment available for rent for $15 ½ day and $20 for a full day.

Other dive sites include the following locations:

Buck Island Wall’s Andres’ Reef: This site offers a deep 75 ft dive where you can descend down the coral slope, see blue and brown Chromis, eel, shark, sting rays, Eagle rays, parrot fish, trunk fish, and trumpet fish.

Calf Rock: Here you will see lots of lobsters. It is also the perfect site for taking photos because it is pretty shallow and there are impressive rock and coral formations, cracks, and ledges for crabs to hide beneath. However, there aren’t any swim through areas.

Carvel Rock: This dive site is 80 ft deep. You will have the pleasure of seeing schools of bait fish and tarpon at a canyon scuba divers call “Tarpon Alley,” prone to pretty strong currents so not for a beginner.

Congo Cay: Located northeast of St. Thomas and north of St. John, accessible only by boat. You can go through canyons, see large schools of silversides, sharks, bottlenose dolphins, and stingrays.

Cow Rock: 45 ft deep, you will see lobsters, spotted drum, tarpon, rays, and sea turtles. This is one of the most popular dive sites on the south side because of its colorful growth.

Homer’s Snorkel Tours/ St. Thomas Scuba and Snorkel Adventures

Homer’s Snorkel Tours/ St. Thomas Scuba and Snorkel Adventures is located in Hull Bay. Unique to the area, a five-hour tour includes a van ride around the island to three private beaches. Homer’s has top of the line snorkel gear and impeccable, professional service. The tour includes a transportation, gas, gear for snorkel, a cooler of drinks, and a personal snorkel guide. $119 per person

Coral World Ocean Park

SNUBA at Coral World- Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and diving. You swim underwater at Coki Point viewing beautiful coral reefs while hooked up to an air tank that floats on a raft above water. This allows for easy movement without the tank on your back. Dive time is 30 minutes and the maximum dive depth is 20 feet. Age requirements are just 8 years old and you must be able to swim. At Coral World Ocean Park, you can also play and swim with the sea lions or get in the pool of a nursery of juvenile sharks that inhabit the US Virgin Islands at Shark Encounter. Stand in the pool while they circle around you!

Virgin Island EcoTours Kayak & Snorkel Adventures

VI EcoTours

VI EcoTours

At Virgin Island EcoTours Kayak & Snorkel Adventures, you can kayak, hike, and snorkel the Mangrove Lagoon on a journey you’ll never forget. The Bird Island at Sunset by Kayak Tour in St. Thomas allows you to see a haven of indigenous birds and other wildlife. The Cas Cay Kayak, Hike, and Snorkel Tour lasts 3 hours.

During this tour, you will kayak through many small islands, learn about the thriving wildlife, hike around tidal pools, volcanic cliffs, and a geological blowhole, and then snorkel in a coral-fringed mangrove nursery. Virgin Island EcoTours Kayak & Snorkel Adventures also offers a Night Kayak in the Lagoon with a Pirate and Ghost Stories Tour. On this tour, you kayak the Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve and hear stories about pirates, shipwrecks, and folklore.

Jet Ski Rentals

340 Watersports

Offering different packages and rates, at 340 Watersports, you can choose from riding freestyle in front of sweeping views and uninhabited islands and the adventure tour. The adventure tour includes viewing Little Saint James, Honeymoon Beach, Yacht Haven Grande, and Hassel Island.

340 watersports jet ski

340 Watersports Jet Ski Rentals

Coastal Water Sports Waverunner Rentals

Rent a pair of freestyle jet skis from Coastal Water Sports Waverunner Rentals and ride down the east end of the island getting a beautiful view of Sapphire beach.

coastal watersports jet ski

Coastal Watersports Jet Ski Rentals

Island Sol- Kiteboarding 

Island Sol offers sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, & lessons. Take a 5-10 minute boat ride out to Cas Cay in the East End Mangrove Reserve and learn to Kiteboard.  Following the instructor’s lessons, you’ll learn to take off for a ride, catching the right amount of wind. Similar to surfing and snowboarding, kiteboarding is weather dependent so give the open water a chance and you’ll be mastering the basic kite flying technique in no time.  Your four-line inflatable kite will catch some wind and you’ll be on your way.

St. Thomas Flyboarding  

Learn flyboarding while on your next vacation.  After one quick and easy lesson from an instructor, you’ll be flying like Iron Man. St. Thomas Flyboarding is located at Emerald Beach in Lindbergh Bay. At this bay, you can also paddle board. Choose to stand up paddle board “SUP” and get a core body workout while maintaining balance, paddling and standing up like you would on a surfboard. When you SUP, you can look into the clear blue Caribbean waters and watch as marine life swims underneath your board.

st thomas water activity sites

St. Thomas Water Activity Sites

When booking your next vacation rental with us, keep these fun water activities or your itinerary and you’ll be sure to have the best vacation yet!